In 2007, Extreme Machine was formed in Winnipeg, to provide a high tech manufacturing facility for higher quality products, delivered on time, at reasonable prices.

Extreme Machine is a high quality machine shop with metal fabricating, welding, and prototyping capabilities. Our skills come from over 30 years of experience in the Machining, Tool & Die, and Mechanical trades. From large production runs, to one off custom pieces, we can handle all your needs.

Extreme Machine is a machine shop based on honesty, fairness and extreme workmanship, that strives to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Services

Customers often inquire about our manufacturing equipment. On this page we will include our equipment specifications , capacities, and capabilities.

We offer full CNC machine shop services including milling, turning and wire EDM cutting. Below, is only a small sample of what our equipment allows us to do. All our work is highly precise and completed on time.


  • prototyping
  • fixturing
  • one off parts
  • welding (tig mig arc)
  • milling
  • key ways
  • thread milling
  • boring
  • profiling
  • mould making
  • engraving
  • sloting
  • turning
  • threading
  • drilling
  • saw cutting